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Holding tank system – a clean and easy solution to fit every boat

Tighter laws against blackwater discharge! Clean water – a joint commitment
Boats contribute a very small volume of the total pollution entering our waterways. But discharge of sewage leads to visual pollution and takes the fun out of boating and time on the beach. It also creates local problems if discharged near swimming beaches, shellfish beds, coral reefs and other eco-sensitive waters.

Our role in this commitment is to provide on board sanitation equipment that is trouble-free and reliable. Join us in making a “clean water” commitment.


Examples of important steps on a national level:
Netherlands Netherlands
From 1st of January 2009, release of black water from any type of recreational craft is prohibited. All existing yachts with toilets must be equipped with holding tanks of adequate capacity as of January 1st 2009.
United United Kingdom
Direct discharge of sewage into inland waters is prohibited. Codes of Best Practice are strongly encouraged.
France France
Recreational boats equipped with toilets and built after January 1st 2008 which enter maritime or inland ports must be equipped with an installation that permits either to store toilet water or treat it.
Spain Spain
All vessels built per May 2004 or later must have a holding tank installed.

Baltic Sea
The Helsinki Convention for the protection of the Baltic Sea (HELCOM) recommends installation of toilet retention systems on all ships. The Recommendation must be taken up by national authorities.



Sealand by Dometic Group

SeaLand has been a leading system supplier for many years. The wealth of know-how and experience accumulated in numerous OEM projects with world leading boat builders and sanitation system installers forms the basis for our retrofit sanitation solution: a complete holding tank system specially designed for the European market. To help boat owners conform to current waste discharge legislation, the SeaLand holding tank system is easy to install and provides reliable operation for many years to come.

Dometic SANITATION marine holding tank system



Holding tank, stores sewage from toilet until it can be discharged at the dockside or at sea [ depending on local regulations ].

  • Leak-proof, odour-free design in highly durable polyethylene
  • Pre-installed and tested fittings for easy and safe installation
  • Flexible inlet/outlet design
  • Vacuum relief valve prevents damage from high-capacity dockside vacuum pumps
  • Choice of 5 models ranging from 42 to 137 litres
  Holding tank
B   Tank monitors for checking the holding tank level.    
  • DTM01C – single-level unit with red warning light, indicates when holding tank is full
  Tank monitor DTM01C
  • DTM04 – four-level unit with four-colour LED, indicates if holding tank is empty, low, mid or full
  Tank monitor DTM04

Tank discharge control

  • Connects to DTM04 tank monitor
  • Manual tank discharge in unrestricted waters [ Manual “On”, Automatic “Off” ]
  • Prevents accidental overboard discharge in restricted waters
  Tank Discharge Control

Vent filter, stops odours from escaping through the holding tank vent.

  • Unique odourabsorbing filter material
    No need to add chemicals to the holding tank
    Easy-to-replace filter cartridge
  Vent Filter

Discharge pump

  • Self-priming pump, flow rate > 1000 l/h
  • Long-life bellows design
  • Quiet operation
  • Runs dry without damage
  • 2 models – 12 or 24 V DC
  Discharge pump

MaxFlex sanitation hoses

  • Very flexible hoses, easily installed and capable of handing a variety of sanitation uses
  • Available in 16, 19, 25 and 38 mm diameters
  MaxFlex sanitation hoses

OdorSafe Plus sanitation hose

  • Best odour barrier of any marine hose available
  • 38 mm diameter for sewage systems
  OdorSafe Plus sanitation hose


  • For holding tank system plumbing, connection and repair