Electric toilets
Dometic MasterFlush electric toilets
Product overview
7100 series, standard
7200 series, low-profile
8100 series, standard
8100 series, low-profile
8600 series, standard
8600 series, low-profile
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Electric toilets – macerator systems with high-quality ceramic bowl


Dometic MasterFlush 7100 / 7200 series

NEWElectric toilets with 360° ORBIT base technology

The smart macerator toilet provides homelike comfort and hygiene: a residential-size seat, a deeply sloped bowl, and an aesthetically appealing round front. All of this without requiring a premium price. The space-saving toilet is ideal for retrofitting. Its small footprint fits the plumbing points of most commonly used boat toilets and best of all, the 360° ORBIT installation feature means the base can be fixed to any angle to the bowl to avoid walls or adapt to diverse bathroom layouts. This industry first makes the new MasterFlush fit where other marine toilets won’t.

  • Dometic MasterFlush 7100 seriesResidential-size round-front enameled wood seat
  • Aesthetic seat-to-bowl matching contour
  • 360° ORBIT installation for fixation in any angle to the bowl
  • Fits the footprint of the most commonly used boat toilets
  • 10-blade stainless steel cutting wheel pulverizes waste for optimum effluent flow
  • Available as sea water or freshwater model, in standard height or as low-profile model, for 12 and 24 volts


Full, flat back ledge hides all plumbing when viewed from above. 360° ORBIT installation – base can be fixed to any angle to the bowl. Residential-size round-front enameled wood seat.
10-blade stainless steel cutting wheel for optimum effluent flow. Sea water flush switch – standard with all sea water models. Freshwater add water / flush switch – standard with all freshwater models. Freshwater add water / flush / dry bowl switch – optional for all freshwater models.


Dometic MasterFlush 8100 series

The comforts of home on board

Contemporary design, high-quality ceramic bowl, a stable seat in coated wood, low consumption, convenient controls – Dometic MasterFlush toilets set new standards on board. Connections are “invisible” on the outside and won’t spoil the appearance. The electric toilets work with a quiet and effective macerator system. Holding tanks can be fitted up to 30 m away from or up to 3 m above the toilet – the powerful pump masters these distances with ease. Any backflow of water is completely stopped by a patented duck bill valve.

  • Dometic MasterFlush 8100 seriesElegant design, high-quality materials
  • Thanks to a compact design and minimal footprint, ideal for narrow WCs
  • Connections “invisible” on the outside
  • High-performance pump and macerator system
    Low water and energy consumption
  • Non-return valve to prevent backflow of black water
  • Efficient stainless steel chopper
  • Available as standard or low-profile model



Dometic MasterFlush 8600 series

Flat back for bulkhead mounting

MasterFlush 8600-series toilets feature a contemporary, streamlined design with a flat-back, bulkhead-mating profile. Incorporating all the benefits of the 8100 series, they offer the extra comforts of a soft-close seat and a smart flushing system with “tank full” indicator, “normal” or “dry bowl” flush options and easy-to-use controls.

  • Dometic MasterFlush 8600 seriesFlat back for bulkhead mounting
  • Soft-close seat
  • Smart flushing system – convenient and water-saving
  • Low water and energyconsumption
  • Macerator system with high-performance, quiet running pump
  • Available as standard or low-profile model



Water supply
Press and hold the button until the water level required has been reached.
Flush / automatic motor activation
Press and hold the button until the bowl content has been sucked out.
The button pressure activates the macerator system, which comminutes
both waste and paper and discharges it together with the water into the
holding tank.
The macerator blades, made from high-quality stainless steel, is designed
for heavy-duty use and proves to be extraordinarily robust.
Complete discharge
Practical for high seas: so that no water splashes in the WC, this can be discharged completely.