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Compressor coolers
Compressor coolers
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Compressor coolers – powerful and durable


Excellent cooling performance regardless of the ambient temperature, versatile use – these are the distinguishing features of a compressor cooler. Choose from a large and well-proven range that leaves nothing to be desired. All models are designed for mobile use and as powerful as a domestic fridge.


  • Deep-freezing up to –22°CPowerful, intensive cooling regardless of the outside temperature
  • Deep-freezing up to –22°C (depending on the model)
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • For 12/24 volts DC and 110 – 240 volts AC (depending on the model)
  • Ideal for solar operation
  • Reliable and durable

WAECO CoolFreeze CDF – three ideal entry-level models


WAECO CoolFreeze CDF-11 compressor coolerWAECO CoolFreeze
Super-compact compressor coolers

Inexpensive entry-level compressor coolers. With performance and handling qualities that will ensure you will rely on them for years to come. Refrigeration and deep-freezing, 10, 18 or 23 litres capacity in a compact cabinet that fits where others won’t.


Easy to operate, secure closing mechanism (shown: CDF 18)
Continuously variable electronic thermostat and two-stage battery monitor (shown: CDF 25)
Space for upright storage of 2-litre bottles (shown: CDF 18)



WAECO CoolFreeze CFX – the most powerful compressor coolers ever!


WAECO CoolFreeze CFXWAECO CoolFreeze CFX
High-tech devices with heavy-duty details

Energy-Class A++ and freezer temperatures of –22°C: that’s something never before available in a mobile cooler! With its WAECO CoolFreeze CFX cooler series, refrigeration specialist Dometic WAECO demonstrates once again how to break boundaries. Thanks to a specially developed high-performance compressor and extra thick insulation, these coolers are able to reduce energy consumption by up to 35% in comparison to previous models. The high-tech devices look great with many heavy-duty details: corner reinforcements, stainless steel hinges and robust lid coatings ensure that these coolers can stand up to the toughest demands. Nevertheless, CFX coolers are amazingly lightweight and easy to transport.


Deep-freezing down to
–22°C. Cooling compartment with wire basket and separate crisper for fruit & vegetables.
12/24 volts DC and
100 – 240 volts AC. DC cable guide: the cable fits securely and cannot be
undone accidently.
Electronic thermostat with digital temperature display


Energy-efficient LED interior light
Space-saving folding and detachable carrying handles
Detachable lid. Heavy-Duty version with reinforced corners, stainless steel hinges and a robust closing mechanism


USB port for charging small electronic devices
New WAECO high-performance compressor:
sensational deep freeze
performance as low as –22°C with minimal energy consumption!
Energy class A++


Uncompromising compressor coolers:

  • Refrigeration and deep-freezing to –22°C
  • Electronic thermostat with digital temperature display
  • Selectable temperature
  • 3-stage battery protection
  • USB connection for charging small appliances
  • Energy-saving LED interior lighting
  • Folding and detachable carrying handles
  • Removable lid with non-slip rubber mat
  • Stainless steel hinges and robust locking mechanism
  • Drain plugs for simple cleaning
  • Removable wire basket


The special CFX electronics

The CFX series is equipped with special electronics which start up the compressor gently while saving energy. If the preset temperature is not reached within a short period of time, or a temperature below –12°C has been set, the turbo cooler switches on automatically to boost the compressor speed. As soon as the set temperature is reached, the CFX special electronics switch back to energy-saving mode.

  • Intelligent, automatic turbo cooler
  • 3-stage battery protection, set using the digital display
  • 4-digit digital display (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  • Any temperature can be chosen
  • Operating status and error display
  • Memory function for storing set values



WAECO CoolFreeze CF – need a bit more?


WAECO CoolFreeze CF

WAECO CoolFreeze CF
Jumbo coolers

The high-capacity CoolFreeze CF 80/CF 110 coolers offer cooling capacities of 79 and 105 litres, respectively. They also perform
impressively: temperatures as low as –18°C are achieved, independent of ambient temperatures and with low power consumption.
The coolers transport easily with the help of the stable carrying handles and can be operated with almost any onboard or dockside power supply. Standard equipment: interior lighting, wire basket.

Coolers and freezers in XXL:

  • Refrigeration and deep-freezing
  • 12/24 volts DC and 100 – 240 volts AC
  • CF special electronics with soft-start and turbo cooler function
  • Interchangeable hinges
  • Sturdy lid locks and hinges
  • Interior light
  • Vertical space for 2-litre bottles
  • Lift-out wire basket



CoolFreeze Accessories

For protection and handling

Your cooler is going to stay put – even during yourmost daring driving and braking manoeuvres. The universal fixing kit keeps your CoolFreeze cooler safe and secure in any situation. With a single handed operation your cooler clicks firmly into place – and it’s released from the frame just as quickly.