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Marine climate systems – from four proven brands


 Dometic has supplied owners and outfitters of boats and yachts with exceptional comfort solutions for more than half a century. Our engineering expertise in the air-conditioning and climate control sectors covers exactly the same length of time. We’ve always responded to the challenges of this marketplace and today we offer a comprehensive range of climate systems that leave no wish unfulfilled. Custom-made solutions for boats with lengths from 7 to 150 meters and more: four proven brands – united under the banner of the Dometic Group – make it possible: Dometic, Condaria, Cruisair and Marine Air.

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Complete A/C Systems for Self-Installation

Complete A/C systems
for self-installation

Used on smaller boats to cool, dehumidify and heat. Perfectly prepared for fast, easy self-installation. Available in three performance classes for different cabin sizes. Ultra-compact design, attractive price.

» Dometic complete A/C systems for self-installation

Rooftop A/C Systems for Work Boats

Rooftop A/C systems
for work boats

The ideal climate control solution for supply ships, patrol boats and houseboats. Ready for rooftop or decktop installation. Low weight, corrosion-resistant components, high-quality, heavyduty design for demanding applications with integrated Breathe Easy air purification.

» Dometic DuraSea Rooftop A/C systems

Self-Contained A/C Systems

Self-contained A/C systems

Space-saving designs – all main components are mounted on a single chassis. Capacities from 6,000 – 30,000 BTU/h. Can be used for cooling and heating and for air conditioning two or more cabins.

» Cruisair self-contained A/C systems
» Marine Air self-contained A/C systems

Split A/C Systems

Split A/C systems

Centralised systems with separately installed condensing and evaporator units. Capacities from 4,000 – 72,000 BTU/h. Can be used to cool and heat multiple cabins. Quiet, powerful and energy efficient.

» Cruisair split A/C systems
» Marine Air split A/C systems

Chilled Water A/C Systems

Chilled water A/C systems

Cooling or heating via a circulating water system between the central chiller and air handlers in the individual cabins. Custommade solutions suited to very large boats with many cabins. Capacities from 18,000 to over 2,000,000 BTU/h.

» Condaria chilled water A/C systems
» Cruisair chilled water A/C systems
» Marine Air chilled water A/C systems



Digital control systems, seawater pumps, supply-air and return-air grilles, and integrated air purifiers play an important role in rounding out Dometic’s lineup of marine climate systems. Top-notch product quality, long service life.

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